Hail Damage & Insurance Claims

Hail is a common weather event in Colorado and many Midwestern states. Every year it causes hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. The isolated storms that produce large, golf ball and baseball size hail get the media's attention because the damage is obvious and extreme.

However, smaller hail stones can also cause extensive damage to roofing systems that will greatly shorten the life and functionality. Just because you can't see damage from the ground doesn't mean it's not there. Insurance adjusters and our representatives are well trained to identify hail damage, even subtle damage that often gets dismissed by homeowners, until they decide to sell the property with diminished value or start getting roof leaks.

If your property has been through a severe weather event such as a hail or wind storm, it is a wise decision to have a professional inspect your roof prior to making an insurance claim. We work with all the insurance companies and know the standards for accurately adjusting damaged property. If you have damage that warrants making a claim we'll tell you straight; if you don't, we'll tell you straight and save us both the time.

Most insurance policies cover homeowners for hail damage to property and most companies want to treat you fairly. However, there are many components that go into properly settling an insurance claim and completing a resoration project. It's wise to have someone stand with you who knows the process inside and out, can speak the language of the insurance companies and knows exactly what needs to happen to return your property to it's pre-storm condition.

We at In-Ex Designs we'll help you through the whole process from start to finish. We'll be there when the adjuster inspects the damage to identify the scope of work, we'll audit their estimate for accuracy, negotiate on your behalf if necessary, handle the paperwork, answer all your questions, do what we say we're going to do, and work in your best interest to assure your 100% satisfaction.

If you had hail or see your neighbors getting roof work, call us first for a free inspection. Don't wait! There is a time limit on when you can make an insurance claim.


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